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Definition of 'Limited Liability Company - LLC'



Definition of ‘Limited Liability Company – LLC’



A corporate structure whereby the members of the company cannot be held personally liable for the company’s debts or liabilities. Limited liability companies (LLC) differ slightly from one country to the next. However, it is essentially a hybrid entity that combines the characteristics of a corporation and a partnership or sole proprietorship. While the limited liability feature is similar to that of a corporation, the availability of flow-through taxation to the members of a LLC is a feature of partnerships.



Although LLCs have some attractive features, they also have a number of disadvantages, especially in relation to the structure of a corporation. A LLC has to be dissolved upon the death or bankruptcy of a member, unlike a corporation, which can exist in perpetuity. Also, a LLC may not be a suitable option when the objective of the founder is to eventually become a publicly listed company.



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