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Specializing in assisting companies raise $1,000,000 or more in

Private Equity using the new
“Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act”

Depending on what stage your company is in we may be able to help you.

Whether it’s just a great idea you have or whether you already have the majority of the necessary instruments and need to structure the offering, we can help there too.

To be successful raising private equity funds you must have an attractive package. By that I mean everything the investor might be looking for. such as: return on investment, a reasonable degree of security and a way out. I believe the two most important factors are your business plan and your management team.

The business plan must include: either actual financial statements (if you’re already operating) and or pro-former statements spanning a minimum of three years, bios on executive management, the company story, its products, its ideas, its future and its risk factors.

Assuming the company is incorporated, it will need to structured as to amount of authorized stock, class of stock, amount of the offering and price per share, the dilution and the control. You will need a Private Placement Memorandum including which will include the business plan, the risk factors, along with full disclosure and in compliance with SEC’s Regulation D, Rule 506. In addition, you’ll need a subscription agreement.

After all the above is formalized a marketing plan must be created, which would include broker/dealers, print ads as well as on-line ads or crowd funding sites.


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